The Power of Paying it Forward: An Interview with SaLisa Berrien, COI Energy

December 5, 2022DeltaClimeVT Founder Stories, DeltaClimeVT Newswire

By Geoff Robertson, DeltaClimeVT A brilliant thinker, leader and entrepreneur, SaLisa Berrien is the founder and CEO of COI Energy and a member of DeltaClimeVT’s inaugural cohort in 2017. Her mission in life is to positively impact the space she occupies by leaving it better than she found it. SaLisa recently returned to DeltaClimeVT as … Read More

Vermont Startup Bets on Better Data to Decarbonize Buildings

January 19, 2022DeltaClimeVT Founder Stories

Using wireless sensors, InfiSense provides easy-to-use data about building operations to help slow climate change. By Geoff Robertson, DeltaClimeVT The founders of InfiSense believe that generating better data will help save the planet. In the commercial building space, for example, cofounder Tim Guiterman says that real-time, accurate data points from buildings will help inform good … Read More

Grid Fruit Founders Focus on Refrigeration to Help Cool the Planet

December 10, 2021DeltaClimeVT Founder Stories

Brattleboro startup provides tools for grocers to optimize energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By Kelly Nottermann, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund Passionate about climate change and sustainability, Jesse Thornburg and Javad Mohammadi met in Pennsylvania through their respective research on ways to reduce energy demand on the power grid—the key, they felt, to reducing … Read More

Slowing Climate, Change One Window at a Time

June 22, 2021DeltaClimeVT Founder Stories

WexEnergy brings new technology to old windows, improving efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. By Kelly Nottermann, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund As Ron Wexler sat in his office one cold winter day back in 2014, he got to thinking about windows. The seven large casement windows in his office allowed natural light to … Read More

Pilot Programs to Expand EV Charging in Vermont

January 13, 2020DeltaClimeVT Founder Stories

Burlington Electric Department and Green Mountain Power working with start-up EVmatch to reduce “range anxiety” for Vermont EV owners. Electric vehicles (commonly known as EVs), are widely seen as one of the most promising ways to move away from fossil fuels, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and move Vermont closer to its clean energy goals. Reliable … Read More

Buildings As Batteries?

October 14, 2019DeltaClimeVT Founder Stories

Dynamic Organics Innovating Energy Storage for a Cleaner, Greener Electric Grid Remember Tuesday, July 30 a few months back? It was the hottest day of a record-breaking month – the warmest recorded in the history of the earth. It was also a day when thousands of Vermonters cranked up their air conditioning, resulting in what … Read More

Compost for a Cleaner Planet

August 7, 2019DeltaClimeVT Founder Stories

Agrilab Technologies in Vermont Captures Renewable Energy, Phosphorus Pollution in High-Tech Composting. Anyone who composts knows that if you mound up leaves, animal bedding, and food scraps, you end up with a big, hot pile of compost. While most people, however, see the nutrient-dense material as the finished product for fields and gardens, Brian Jerose … Read More