The challenge

DeltaClimeVT cohort members were selected based on their ability to help solve one of the most pressing electric grid issues facing the U.S. – how to integrate distributed renewable energy, efficiency, and storage technologies with the grid.

They were part of a competitively selected cohort of startup or seed stage ventures working to help solve the challenges related to the monitoring and control of distributed energy (e.g., storage, electric vehicles, solar, community scale wind, combined heat and power) to improve their value while providing safe, reliable, and affordable electric service to all customers.

Energy2017 Recap


More than half of the mentors in the Energy: Winter 2017/18 Program were decisions makers or influencers in companies that were potential customers or partners of the cohort companies.

The companies

A.F. Mensah uses proprietary battery storage systems and advanced controls software to improve the economics of distributed solar power generation and to enhance the reliability and resiliency of the Electric Grid.

COI Energy Services provides customer engagement software to electric power companies to help them eliminate energy waste by providing energy optimization solutions to their business customers that monetizes excess energy capacity.

Dynamic Organics uses the controlled delivery of electric heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) loads combined with thermal storage to help balance intermittent distributed renewable generation – turning buildings into batteries.

Emrgy produces modular hydropower turbines that redefine hydropower to become a modular and flexible generation method similar to solar and wind, thereby enabling rapid deployment and growth of the world’s most reliable clean energy source.

Introspective Systems enables companies to solve complex problems using collaborative AI at the edge of control networks. Their product xGraph, empowers users to create software systems that can then adapt and evolve to solve problems.

Omega Grid is a blockchain transactional energy market software. They operate a spot market that balances the grid with market forces as opposed to traditional command & control DERMS solutions. They support the Distribution System Operator or Distribution System Platform utility business models.

Packetized Energy provides a highly-scalable, human-friendly solution for the coordination of distributed energy resources, enabling demand to follow variable supply in real time.

Skyven Technologies is pioneering a distributed energy solution for industrial heating with a patented technology that utilizes cutting edge heating techniques to power industrial operations with the sun; saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

“The curriculum of the program, the connections to the seasoned energy community, and the relationships built with the other cohort companies will be impactful for us moving forward.”

Drew AdamsA.F. Mensah

The results

After three months of intense focus, camaraderie and learning we are pleased to announce the DeltaClimeVT Energy2017 cohort winners as selected by their peers. In the top spot is Emrgy Inc. of Atlanta Georgia and in a close second is A.F. Mensah of Hamilton, NJ.


DeltaClimeVT Energy: 2017/18 alumni Dynamic Organics and Introspective Systems formed a partnership and are working together on a micro-grid in Maine. Not only do DeltaClimeVT cohort members make connections with potential customers they connect with each other.


At DeltaClimeVT, we tap an innovative group of leaders who are subject matter experts and/or have deep entrepreneurial and investment experience, based on the needs of each cohort selected.

Joseph Steig



Joseph Steig is a principal at ecosVC, a consulting and training company for STEM ventures. He also consults with companies and investors in a CFO capacity. He currently works with LRVHealth, a healthcare venture fund based in Boston, and with IUNU, an agriculture technology company based in Seattle. Joseph has worked in a diverse range of industries from aquaculture to software and has extensive consulting experience with universities and innovators on technology commercialization.

Joseph serves on the Board of Directors of Greentown Learn, the educational non-profit affiliated with the world’s largest clean tech incubator, Greentown Labs. He went to Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts  and divides his time between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. More information at

Marilyn Waite

Program Officer in Environment, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


Marilyn Waite is currently the Program Officer, Climate and Clean Energy Finance at the Hewlett Foundation in Silicon Valley. She formerly lead the energy practice at Village Capital, where she found, trained and invested in ventures solving pressing challenges in the energy sector. Marilyn has worked across four continents in investment (Lincoln International), public policy (National Academy of Sciences), and nuclear and renewable energy (AREVA). Author of Sustainability at Work, Marilyn also serves on the Board of Directors for The Biomimicry Institute and is a former Senior Research Fellow at Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown. Marilyn holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, magna cum laude, from Princeton University.

Kristin Carlson

Sara Chamberlain

Patrick Clemins

Clint (Jito) Coleman

Dan Harvey

Kerrick Johnson

Bill Mitchell

Dennis Moynihan

Ken Nolan, General Manager at Vermont Public Power Supply Authority

Ken Nolan

Dr. John Tuttle

Sara Woldt

Geoff Robertson


DeltaClimeVT brought together thirty eight mentors comprised of industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, business advisors and investors. Cohort members worked directly with mentors throughout the program, rubbed elbows at social events and had many outside discussions about potential partnerships.

John Antonucci
Executive Director, LaunchVT

Dave Barash
Director of New Ventures,
VT Energy Investment Corp.

Bob Barton
Managing Partner,
Catalyst Clean Energy Finance

Jay Bellows
Northern Reliability

Lee Bouyea
Managing Director,
FreshTracks Capital

Dave Bradbury
VT Center for Emerging Technologies

Chris Burns
Director of Energy Services,
Burlington Electric Department

Kristen Carlson
VP, Strategic & External Affairs
Green Mountain Power

Peter Cole
Cole Consulting

Jito Coleman
Green Toolbox

Carolyn Cooke
Triple C Strategy

Cairn Cross
FreshTracks Capital

Richard Donnelly
Diversified Market Opportunities,

Chad Farrell
Encore Renewable Energy

Pete Fuller
Autumn Lane Energy Consulting

James Gibbons
Dirirector of Policy & Planning,
Burlington Electric Dept.

Freddy Hall
Resource Planner,
Burlington Electric Department

Christine Hallquist
CEO (Former)
VT Electric Coop

Todd Kowalczyk
Project Management Lead,
Green Mountain Power

Casey Lamont
Burlington Electric Department

Neale Lunderville
General Manager
Burlington Electric Department

Michael Ly
Reconciled It

Ken Merrit
Managing Director
Merritt & Merritt

Bill Mitchell
Corporate Investment
Jabil Corp.

Eli Moulton
Managing Member
Moulton Law Group

Dennis Moynihan
Executive Director
BTV Ignite

Spencer Newman
Green Mountain Insight

Ken Nolan
General Manager
VT Public Power Supply Authority

Willy Osborn
Managing Director, Commons Capital;
Clean Energy Venture Group

Chip Palombini
Energy Storage Manager

Patty Richards (WEC)
General Manager
Washington Electric CO-OP

Peter Rossi
Vermont Electric COOP

AJ Rossman
Senior Director

Laury Saligman
Managing Director
Vernal Ventures

Ben Sampson
Venture Investing
GE Ventures

Janice St. Onge
Flexible Capital Fund L3C

John Tuttle
Director, Skypoint Energy

TJ Whalen
Managing Director
FreshTracks Capital

Partners & Sponsors

DeltaClimeVT partners and sponsors were nationally recognized, innovative leaders in the renewable energy, efficiency, and distributed energy industry and were actively engaged with cohort members over the course of the accelerator.